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Pretty Magical, once you actually do it!

I read The Magic Mala a year ago, started using the Mala beads but didn’t stay with it. One year later, I decided to try again, and wanted to share my experience so far. I had been extremely depressed, seriously so, and I had no energy. Every morning I’d wake up feeling a sense of […]


I bought The Magic Mala last July and bought Mala beads August 1 2017. I did a mantra every morning for a couple of months , then some things happened at my job that were very positive. I work on Wall Street and my firm got involved in a new technology and is going public. […]

My Magic Mala Miracle

I was having trouble getting a job when I learned of Bob Olson’s book, The Magic Mala. I had applied for a dozen jobs but had not heard back for over a month. The story captivated me because I felt like the Robby character was so much like me. I loved the book and didn’t […]

A Final Farewell

My father, though never the most footloose and fancy-free of souls, was always relatively healthy. As is with most families, my brothers and I placed silent odds among ourselves over which parent would leave this world first. That’s why, when the cancer diagnosis came in, it surprised everyone- especially him. Up to his diagnosis, I’d […]

Conquering Pain

Having read “The Magic Mala”, I was excited by the prospect that I had the power to manifest those things in my life I wanted. Shortly after reading the book, I had gone shopping with my wife and started experiencing the symptoms of kidney stones, which I have had three times already: the need to […]

little miracles

I received for mother’s day a beautiful 108 mala beads from my daughters. The next day I started practicing following instructions from The Magic Mala book. Right away I felt lighter, happier like I was floating on clouds. I have been sad since the passing of my husband in 2013, now for the first time […]

You Can Trust Your Life

I have experienced many Magic Mala Moments in the last five months, since reading the book and putting the lessons into practice. One of my favourites happened a week ago today. I was gifted “You Can Trust Your Life” with Cheryl Richardson and Louise Hay by a friend, who was having it shipped from HayHouse […]