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  • I Wish I Never Told You That!
    by Bob Olson on March 8, 2024

    AFTERLIFE TV 2024: When Sharing Isn’t Caring! Bob Olson discusses the risks and benefits of sharing your spiritual (sacred) experiences with others. If you’ve ever had a spiritual experience (perhaps related to the afterlife) that you shared with others and you regretted sharing it, this video is for you. In this episode, Bob talks about... read more

  • Why This Afterlife Investigator Doesn’t Want to Die!
    by Bob Olson on February 15, 2024

    New 2024! In this episode, Bob Olson, who has investigated the afterlife for 27 years, reveals the reason why he doesn’t want to die. Bob also explains that he’s been writing approximately 90 articles about his investigation of life after death on “Bob Olson Connect.” These articles are like a master’s course on the afterlife... read more

  • What Is A Spirit Guide?
    by Bob Olson on October 5, 2022

    by Bob Olson,, & A spirit guide is a spirit on the spiritual plane who guides a spirit having a human experience on the physical plane. In simpler words, a spirit guide is a spiritual being who is guiding a human being. Getting much deeper in definition, a spirit guide is the... read more

  • Which Religion Is Closest To The Truth?
    by Bob Olson on May 28, 2022

    By Bob Olson There is no direct answer to this question, although I wish I could give you one. What I can tell you is that every religion that promotes love over all else has got that part right. In all my work with mediums and channelers, I’ve never had a person in spirit tell... read more

  • Do We Continue Our Spiritual Growth In The Spirit World?
    by Bob Olson on May 28, 2022

    By Bob Olson We most certainly continue our spiritual growth in the spirit world. Spirits often talk about it when conveying messages through psychic mediums. Channelers speak of it. And it was evident in my own Life Between Life regressions. We grow by going to school. We grow by teaching others. We grow by guiding souls having... read more

  • Will I Always Be With My Loved Ones In The Afterlife?
    by Bob Olson on May 27, 2022

    By Bob Olson Life in the spirit world isn’t all that different than life here in the physical world in terms of being with our loved ones. The most wonderful part about spirit life is that all we have to do is ask in our minds to be with someone and we are with them.... read more

  • What Determines How & When We Die?
    by Bob Olson on May 27, 2022

    By Bob Olson There are multiple factors that determine how and when we die. I’ll explain five of them here. The first factor is our pre-birth choices regarding what we came into this lifetime to accomplish. PRE-BIRTH CHOICES: Picture yourself as a soul in the spirit world (before you are born) getting together with your... read more

  • How Can I Help My Loved One Transition To The Afterlife?
    by Bob Olson on May 27, 2022

    What can I do to help my loved one’s transition into the spirit world? By Bob Olson Our loved ones don’t “need” our assistance when crossing over to the other side. The process happens unconsciously and instinctively, just like birth yet even more flawlessly. While we humans have learned to control the birth process in... read more

  • What Happens To People Who Are Sedated By Morphine When They Die?
    by Bob Olson on May 27, 2022

    By Bob Olson The only thing that changes when people are sedated by morphine or other drugs while dying is that they might not be awake to have a deathbed vision. Deathbed visions are when loved ones in spirit visit a dying person days or hours before their death in order to welcome them back... read more

  • Will I Be Able To Communicate With The Living After I Die?
    by Bob Olson on May 27, 2022

    By Bob Olson You will certainly be able to communicate with the living while in spirit, although the messages are subtler than the direct communication we know as humans. I recall more than one time after my father died, for example, that the room I was in suddenly filled with the scent of lilacs, even... read more

  • What Happens When A Person Dies At Such An Early Age That They Don’t Have Any Deceased Loved Ones In Spirit To Greet Them?
    by Bob Olson on May 27, 2022

    By Bob Olson There are always people in spirit to greet us regardless of how many family members or friends in our life have died before us. For one, the spirit world is home to us, so we know a lot more people in spirit than we’ll ever know in our human life. Don’t forget... read more

  • Do We Instantly Know That We’re Dead When We Die?
    by Bob Olson on May 27, 2022

    By Bob Olson The simple answer is that some know instantly and some figure it out rather quickly. In cases where people first have an out-of-body experience and are looking down from above at their body, there is sometimes a bit of a surprise at seeing their lifeless body. Yet this surprise doesn’t last long,... read more

  • My Loved One Was Talking Or Seeing Someone In Spirit Hours Before He Died. What Was Happening?
    by Bob Olson on May 27, 2022

    By Bob Olson It’s common that dying people are welcomed by their loved ones in spirit days or hours before their death. These experiences are known as “deathbed visions.” In most deathbed visions, the dying person will see or hear (often both) their deceased loved ones on the other side. Some describe this experience as... read more

  • If Our Brain Is Dead, How Can We Be Conscious After Death?
    by Bob Olson on May 27, 2022

    By Bob Olson Contrary to common belief, our minds are not an aspect of our brains. No doctor or scientist has ever dissected a brain and found the mind, otherwise known as consciousness. This is why many people who have had near-death experiences (and were determined to be brain dead at a hospital) were able... read more

  • Will I Remember Who I Am And What I’m Like After Going To The Afterlife?
    by Bob Olson on May 27, 2022

    By Bob Olson You will definitely remember everything about your life in the spirit world, even more than you might want to remember. Everything that you ever say, do or think is recalled, mostly due to a process we go through upon our entry back into the spirit world known as our “life review.” While... read more

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