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You Can Trust Your Life

I have experienced many Magic Mala Moments in the last five months, since reading the book and putting the lessons into practice. One of my favourites happened a week ago today.

I was gifted “You Can Trust Your Life” with Cheryl Richardson and Louise Hay by a friend, who was having it shipped from HayHouse in California to me, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

On August 22nd I received an e-mail from HayHouse letting me know that the DVD had been shipped, along with the USPS tracking number. Out of curiosity, and not knowing how long it would take an item to travel that distance, I would check the website daily to see where the package was.

On Wednesday, August 30th, the package was listed as being in Montreal, Quebec with the expected delivery date on Canada Post’s website for Friday, September 1st. Shortly after learning about Louise’s passing, I was shocked to receive an e-mail from USPS advising me that the package was fully delivered. Surely, it couldn’t be so!

I really didn’t think that it was possible for the package to travel from Montreal to my mailbox in the same day, especially without first going through Halifax’s sorting facility, as all other mail that I’ve received from the states has. Prior to going home to see if the package was delivered, my daughter and I spent the evening downtown. As we were walking along the waterfront, out of no where a white feather slowly floated in front of me, as if it was purposefully dropped for me to catch. It really felt like a message from Louise, letting me know that “Life Loves Me” and that I can “Trust My Life.”

I was shocked when I arrived home and opened my mailbox. Sure enough, “You Can Trust Your Life” was delivered on August 30th, the same day that Louise passed away. Only Divine Energy could have orchestrated something so serendipitous and miraculous. I will be forever grateful for and amazed by this very magical moment.