Season 8 of Afterlife TV is Here with 3 New Episodes!

I’m kicking off Season 8 of Afterlife TV with 3 new episodes, which you can listen to all at once (no waiting). This first episode is a rundown of where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing, and what is to come. I also talk about the role of an investigator in researching life after death, why no one has proven that the afterlife exists, and why some myths and fallacies about life after death are still being taught.

Welcome back to Afterlife TV. You can listen to episodes 1, 2 and 3 right now, as they have already been posted. Much love, Bob Olson ~ &

Loving gratitude to my wife, Melissa, for the use of all her gorgeous photographs for our video.

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The Magic Mala: A Story That Changes Lives (paperback, Kindle & audiobook)

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The Magic Mala MOVIE

If you’ve been following me on, you might know that a movie is in the works for my latest book, The Magic Mala. The movie producer, Ileen Maisel, thought I’d be good at screenwriting based on how I wrote the book, so she encouraged me to try adapting the book myself. Talk about scary.

Wanting to put my best foot forward, I hired a teacher/mentor to teach me the craft. What an experience it has been. I absolutely enjoy screenwriting, maybe even more than writing books.

I finally finished the first draft of the screenplay in February 2018. I turned it over Ileen and she LOVED it! Phew, that was a relief. Melissa and I then flew to Beverly Hills at the end of March to go over the script with her, page by page. It was surreal working on our movie in the middle of Hollywood.

Melissa, Ileen and I worked on the script together, tweaking some scenes, changing the order of others, and inventing new ones right there in our hotel room. The creative collaboration was invigorating, and Melissa and I loved all Ileen’s suggestions. Her experience in this field was evident. Melissa and I also appreciate how much Ileen honors our creative expression.

I must admit that I like the script even better than the novel, and I’m sure there will be a few more rewrites to make it even better. I now understand why so many movies are different than their counterpart books. In books, the writer can use narrative to explain how a character is feeling or what she’s thinking. In a movie, you have to describe this through action — no narrative allowed. So it forces the writer to “show not tell,” and this is why I love screenwriting so much… it forces me to be a better writer.

Movies are also an entertainment medium. So while my book offers a lot of teaching, I had to focus the screenplay on the story as opposed to the teaching. The teaching can come from the story itself, but it must always be entertaining.

After four days in Los Angeles, meeting another producer, a publicist for several A-list actors, a director, and even walking by William Hung (she bang, she bang), Melissa and I drove up the coast of California. We stayed over in Santa Barbara, Carmel By The Sea, and Half Moon Bay. And, of course, we drove through beautiful Big Sur (the picture you see above).

There’s no telling how long it will be before the movie comes out, if we’re so lucky for it to actually come to fruition. There are a lot of hurdles to overcome. We still need to raise money to make the movie (about ten million), find the perfect actors within our budget, choose a director and crew, and a multitude of other things to accomplish. But to Melissa and I, it’s the experiences along the way that we’re savoring, rather than focusing on the end product. That will come when the time is right. The rest is today and tomorrow, and thus far it’s all been magical.

Warmest wishes,
Bob Olson

Check out The Magic Mala on Amazon (now only $12.99):
Click for The Magic Mala on Amazon

*Ileen Maisel has been living and working in the UK for over 20 years. Her distinguished career started in 1983 as vice-president of production at MGM/UA. As senior vice-president at Lorimar Pictures, she supervised the production of Dangerous Liaisons (1988), winner of 3 Academy awards. In 1989, she became senior vice president of European production at Paramount Pictures and in 1994, a consultant to Fine Line Features’ European Division. In 1998 she joined New Line Cinema as senior vice-president of European production and acquisitions, where she oversaw the production of films like Ripley’s Game (2002), Birth (2004), The Golden Compass (2007) and Inkheart (2008). Throughout her career she has established a firm, broad, outstanding network of artists and collaborators in Hollywood and Europe. 


Since The Magic Mala book was first published, I’ve heard so many extraordinary stories of Magic Mala Moments from readers. Each reader’s story reminded me of the many different ways that miracles come into our lives doing this work.

I’m posting readers’ stories as a way to inspire others to have the same breakthroughs in life as these readers, and as Robby, Mary, Matt, Caroline, Dave, and Father Burke did in this book. I invite you to share your Magic Mala Moment (or Moments) here. Use the form on this page to share your personal story:

To help get you started, tell us how your life has changed since reading The Magic Mala. What in the book helped you make a major breakthrough? Was it… Being conscious about your thoughts and words? Recognizing your limiting beliefs? Identifying that you felt undeserving of things? Working with mala beads? Or discovering that you are a powerful creator of what you think, say and do?

Basically, share with us the miracles that have occurred in your life since reading The Magic Mala so that your story can inspire others. Submit Your Story Here:

With love and gratitude,
Bob Olson

The Story Behind How THE MAGIC MALA Was Written

The Universe has an extraordinary way of making things happen for us. This book might be one example. I never intended to write this book. In fact, I never intended on writing any book at the time I wrote this one, especially a novel.

Now I don’t mean to say that I hadn’t pondered the idea of writing fiction prior to now. It’s true that I thought about writing a book like The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, The Way of the Peaceful Warrior by Dan Millman, or even The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. However, I was always too left-brained about the process of writing to consider a novel. I wanted to follow the formulas of fiction writing, write an outline detailing the story chapter by chapter, and basically have the whole story mapped out before I began writing. It’s no wonder that I never got around to writing such a book. I was overwhelmed.

Then came my birthday on the third of May. My wife, Melissa, gave me a cool keyboard that looks, sounds, and feels like a vintage typewriter, only it’s Bluetooth-capable, so I was able to write my manuscript in Microsoft Word on my iPad Mini. There’s something special about working on an old typewriter with the round keys, the clickity-clack sound, and the tactile feeling of typing with these keys under my fingertips. It inspired me to write. So I did.

As I wrote, I had no intention of writing anything that anyone would see. I just wanted to play with my new keyboard, and so I played. I remembered something that had happened in my own life that I always imagined would make a good fictional story, so that’s what I wrote. It’s based on my true story, but with some alterations. I even had the title, The Magic Mala.

When I began, I only knew three things about the story, three simple events that happened in the main character’s life: he found a mala, he adjusted his intention to be more specific, and he lost his mala. With this in mind, I began using my keyboard. Because I had no intention of ever showing what I was writing to anyone, I did not outline, have any plan, or follow any fiction-writing formula. I just wrote to enjoy my new keyboard.

As I wrote, my mind was suddenly flooded with ideas. Storylines, characters, and teachings flowed out of me as if they were being poured into my head. I wrote for about eight hours the first day, only stopping because I needed to eat and spend some time with Melissa. The next morning, I awakened excited about what would happen to the characters next. I had no idea, of course, so I was eager to write again to watch their stories unfold. And their stories unfolded all that day, and the next day, and the next, for twenty-eight consecutive days.

Melissa normally encourages me not to work on the weekends. Yet on the first Saturday, she said to me, “I assume you’re going to write this weekend, so I’m going to make plans for myself.” We both recognized that something special was happening with this book, and we wanted to let it flow. I wrote every day on weekdays and weekends until the manuscript was completed.

It was especially surprising to us that I wrote the book spontaneously because almost exactly one year prior, I had felt ready for a new book or creative project but wasn’t drawn toward anything in particular. I thought, “Well, it’s almost summer, maybe a topic will come to me in the fall.” It didn’t. And it didn’t come in the winter either. Finally, in late spring, I got my birthday present. I played with it simply for fun and out popped this book.

I believe the Universe wrote this book through me. Some call this kind of writing inspired writing. I was in the perfect mindset for the Universe to impress me with this story because my mind was blank and open. I had no plan. I was merely writing to write.

This truly is a story that can change your life. While I wrote it as a novel, there are many stories within it that really happened. The teachings are real, meaning everything you learn in this book about creating the life you desire is absolutely true. I hope that you are able to utilize what is taught here to claim the life of your dreams in the same way that I did in my own life using these exact principles and techniques. You have my best wishes for a magical life.

Learn more about the book at

Bob Olson
Kennebunkport, Maine

PS, The photo in the picture is actually one of my old typewriters, not the keyboard I used. The keyboard Melissa gave me is here.

Mala Beads

How To Choose Your Mala Beads!

After reading The Magic Mala, the majority of readers want to buy themselves some mala beads but don’t know how to choose them.

How To Choose Your Mala

  1. Let the mala choose you, meaning: Are you attracted to the beads (the gemstones, wood or seeds)? If you are drawn to the color or appearance of the beads, then your body and subconscious mind are telling you that these beads are perfect for you.
  2. Decide on knotted or not-knotted. The better quality malas are knotted, which means that there is a knot between each bead. Why is this helpful? If your mala ever breaks with a knotted mala, the beads don’t all fall off the string–only one or two fall off. Trust me, when half or more of the 108 beads fall off your string, beads go everywhere! And you are more likely to lose some.Having said this, knotted malas are typically a lot more expensive, because it takes a lot longer to make a mala when knotting 108-plus beads. And malas that are strung with nylon cording, as opposed to cotton or silk, are nearly unbreakable. So you save a bunch of money AND there’s little chance your mala will break anyway (as long as you’re not rough with it).In the end, it’s a matter of finances and preference. Personally, I think you’re good either way, so don’t stress out on it. Get the mala that appeals to you most and then look to see if it’s knotted or not. If not, see if it’s strung with nylon cord. Then make your choice.
  3. If you don’t feel drawn toward any one color or gemstone (material), decide the cerebral way. Do a search online for chakra colors, and choose the color that is associated with whatever chakra you resonate with the most. Then find a mala that has that color in its beads.

Don’t make this more complicated than it is. Keep it simple. If someone gives you a mala, use that one. If the only mala you can afford is made of seed or wood, go with that. It’s really more about the practice of using your mala than it is the material of the beads–especially when you get started. So keep it simple and joyful, which is what working with a mala is all about. It’s called flow, flowing with the current of life as opposed to swimming upstream.

Good luck!

Melissa holding The Magic Mala

The Magic Mala Available May 3rd!

I couldn’t be more excited! My new book, The Magic Mala, will be released on May 3rd, 2017, which also happens to be my birthday. The photo is my wife, Melissa, holding the very first copy we got (called a proof, which I needed to read to be sure there’s no errors).

The book will eventually be available on the following…

  • Amazon as a paperback & Kindle (available possibly late April)
  • Barnes & Noble as a paperback & Nook (May 3rd)
  • Ebook format for both iTunes iBooks & Kobo (pre-order now for May 3rd release)
  • And there’s an audiobook version too wherever Audible books are sold (May sometime)

For more information about The Magic Mala and for links to buy it, visit the book’s page on this website.