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Conquering Pain

Having read “The Magic Mala”, I was excited by the prospect that I had the power to manifest those things in my life I wanted. Shortly after reading the book, I had gone shopping with my wife and started experiencing the symptoms of kidney stones, which I have had three times already: the need to constantly urinate, pain in my kidneys, wanting to vomit. And it is excruciatingly painful. I had spent days in the hospital, undergoing laser treatments to break up the stones, and discomfort throughout my body.

I rushed home and went directly to the bathroom, and tried to urinate but no urine just the sensation, tried to vomit, but just saliva came out but the contractions in my body remained trying to expel something in my body. For the next three hours, I made numerous trips to the bathroom and nothing happened to rid my body of the pain. And the thought of the pain I was going to have to endure, and the trips to the doctors, and possibly hospital stays, all these things were uppermost in my mind. The fear was overwhelming.

Finally, I had the revelation that I could manifest anything that I wanted if I just focused intently and with the attention needed for “it” to manifest. I had everything to gain and all the faith to make it happen. So sitting on the toilet seat, I closed my eyes, relaxed my mind and my body, and started envisioning the stone traveling out of my Kidney through the intestines and out to my urethra. I held this vision throughout the next half hour. And I knew that I could do it: rid my body of pain. I just knew! Then I “felt” the small stone drop into the water and the ability to urinate, and pain gone from my Kidney. I was overwhelmed with emotions that I had avoided severe pain and the profound knowledge that I had the power to make this happen.