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I love hearing from my readers, so please share with me your stories, your Magic Mala Moments (miracles in your life since reading the book), and anything else you care to share about malas, the course, or even my prior book.

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Here are some things I would especially love to hear from you . . .

  • Share your “Magic Mala Moments” with me. How did reading The Magic Mala change your life?
  • Did your book club read The Magic Mala together? Tell me about that experience.
  • Did you purchase mala beads from one of the retailers on our Mala page? Tell me about your experience.
  • Is there something special about either of my books that you wish to comment on? If so, this is the right page. Use the form below.


PS. If you’d like to share your Magic Mala Moment story to share with the public (to inspire others), you can do so on our Magic Mala Moments page.

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