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little miracles

I received for mother’s day a beautiful 108 mala beads from my daughters. The next day I started practicing following instructions from The Magic Mala book. Right away I felt lighter, happier like I was floating on clouds. I have been sad since the passing of my husband in 2013, now for the first time I felt hapiness again, alive. I set my intentions and sure enough things were coming my way, little miracles and big miracles.

Two days into practicing, I went to get 3 vaccinations ordered by my doctor and she warned me that my insurance did not cover these vaccinations and they were going to cost around 500 plus. I was not surprised my friend have to pay for hers. To my surprise, the pharmacist told me they were free. You guest it, my first thought was “The magic Mala” is working.

Now, I was going for the big miracle and I chose the Sunday Bob was having his live interview. I wanted the pain in my lower back, an injury from work back in 2010, and a pain in my right wrist that I had for 2 years to disappear. I woke up that morning with positive thoughts and said, today is the day I will be healed. I started my day with a little meditation followed by my mala beads practice, same mantra from the book but with a special intention. After the interview, I had so much energy, I decided to do some cleaning. I was tidying a book shelf, reaching high and moving heavy books around and all of a sudden, I noticed something odd, I did not believe it at first, I let out a scream, I just realized the pain in my lower back and wrist was gone. I am still pain free!

The Magic Mala is now my good luck book, I carry it with me everywhere I go, even if I am not reading it. I cannot thank you enough Bob for writing this magical book, you really wanted the book to help the readers and I will always be grateful to you for giving us hope! You are an angel!