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My Magic Mala Miracle

I was having trouble getting a job when I learned of Bob Olson’s book, The Magic Mala. I had applied for a dozen jobs but had not heard back for over a month. The story captivated me because I felt like the Robby character was so much like me. I loved the book and didn’t want it to end. After I finished it, I was inspired to do what Robby did, but I used a rosary that I already owned instead of mala beads. The results were amazing.

Without applying for any more jobs, and after getting no response for what was now five weeks, I suddenly began getting calls to come in for interviews (3 total). I continued my mala practice through the interview process and by the end of the month I had my new job. It’s a better job than I’ve ever had and I love the people I work with. That’s my Magic Mala Moment. Thank you Bob Olson for writing this amazing and miraculous book!