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Pretty Magical, once you actually do it!

I read The Magic Mala a year ago, started using the Mala beads but didn’t stay with it. One year later, I decided to try again, and wanted to share my experience so far.

I had been extremely depressed, seriously so, and I had no energy. Every morning I’d wake up feeling a sense of doom and could barely get up. After a full night’s sleep! Everything seemed to be going wrong as a result. I was at a loss. I’ve been using the Mala for about a month now. My mantra includes affirmations of being energetic, fearless, healthy, abundant, and so on.

Now, I am no longer depressed and for no other reason than using the Mala. I have my energy back and then some, and I just landed a new job! I plan to keep going until it’s automatic for me. Thank you. This really works! 🙏 🧘‍♀️ 😇 🧙‍♀️